Why Behavioral Health Services are Important in Rural Communities and How Telemedicine Can Help

Why Behavioral Health is Important to Rural Communities whitepaper cover

Rural areas have the highest suicide rates in the nation, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Rural critical access hospitals often have difficulty addressing behavioral health issues quickly and efficiently without a psychologist or psychiatrist on staff—and counseling treatment can be hundreds of miles away.

Avera eCARE® Behavioral Health is developing a groundbreaking program to address these challenges by offering a 24/7 telemedicine behavioral health team to provide immediate virtual care for inpatient and emergency crisis situations.

Learn about the importance of offering behavioral health services in rural communities. Download our free whitepaper to discover how Avera eCARE can support your health care organization.

Challenge of Providing Care to Rural Areas

“In small towns or out in the country, when an individual experiences a mental health crisis, the only option for the people around them is to call emergency services in the form of law enforcement, fire and rescue or emergency services. There’s a ‘pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps’ mentality that is so unfair to individuals who struggle.” 

– Matthew Stanley, DO VP of Behavioral Health for Avera Health